Professional print & identity design, website design and digital painting services in the Greater Baltimore and Washington, DC Area.
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About Magnum Design Studios

Located in the heart of "Charm City" Baltimore, Maryland, Magnum Design Studios (MDS), LLC. is a full service creative center offering marketing and design services for web, print and interactive media. MDS employs designers, directors and marketing professionals who collaborate on each job to ensure a final product of the highest quality.

We at MDS take a lot of pride in both our city as well as the arts. In order to show our support, MDS will be adding a gallery on our site where local artists can display and sell their work. We anticipate our gallery opening to be around the beginning of this summer so be sure to check back. Also, all artists interested in displaying their work are encouraged to contact us.


The most significant advantage Magnum Design Studios (MDS) offers is the PASSION of our 'Crew' which is applied to each project we undertake. MDS works closely with our clients to learn your business, your clients and your competition. Next, we filter through your answers to find insight and inspiration. Finally, we add our talent and experience to come up with a final product that gives your business an edge!

We have many different styles from conservative to strikingly bold. Don't be afraid to push the boundaries!


Client Feedback

Thanks so much for your patience and time. I was very leary of working with someone who was not in the same state as I but I am so glad that I found you. You have been awesome and have given me everything that I was looking for at an excellent price. We will be doing alot of work together. Thanks again for your timeliness and professionalism.

- Mimi Scarlett, Divinitee

The work Magnum Designs provided for REAL is amazing.  Our relationship started based on a couple of designs and has turned into a relationship that has Magnum involved in 100% of the digital designs for REAL.  The work has always come out amazing, and on time.  They have a tremendous ability to use their creativity in ways most people cannot dream.  Very few folks are able to grasp mentally what REAL represents, but the Magnum team are able to not only grasp but transform into an unbelievable visual display.

- James V. Campbell, Real Clothing Co.

As a client publishing her first book, I was amazed at the online portfolio; sensing there is plenty of creativity to work with while designing something simplistic in nature but eye-catching at a glance. After viewing the finished product, I have no doubt this design will provide a lasting impression for those whose eyes will see the cover. Magnum Design Studios has quality talent and the staff is driven to provide excellent customer service.

- Donna J. Beacham, Author

We had very specific design requirements for our logo.  After receiving many design ideas from other studios we were beginning to lose hope that anyone could come up with a suitable design for how we wanted to be presented to the public.  We were lucky to find Magnum Design Studios. After an initial consultation with courteous and professional staff we were presented with exactly the logo design we were looking for. We hope that this is just the start many future collaborations.

- Ian White, Grasshopper Outdoor Products, LLC

I thank you so much for capturing my vision and bringing it to life!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!  You will definitely get my referrals and whenever I need an artist, you are the MAN!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- TaMara Campbell-Dillard, Author

In the field of promotions, timing is the key factor. Magnum Design Studios was immediately attentive to our company's requests. They followed through extremely quickly, and the product itself was thorough.  I thank them for making us, the client, such a priority.

- Heidi L. Klotzman, CEO HeidnSeek Entertainment  


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